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Hadrian's Villa Tickets Overview

Avail the Hadrian's Villa tickets and get to explore the magnificent structure and architectural features of this historic country villa in Tivoli. Use your tickets to enjoy a skip-the-line and hassle-free access to this villa, which was once the vacation home of the elite class in Rome. Learn how Roman emperor Hadrian had built this villa for himself and the people of this court, and preferred it more than his official residence. 

Use your Hadrian's Villa tickets to enter the villa and discover the many different buildings within it, from the famous thermal baths and the Canopus, to the artificial lake, dining halls and more. Don’t forget to explore the Teatro Marittimo, which is one of the most famous buildings on this iconic site. You can also visit the Piazza d’Oro here and take a lot of photographs as a memoir of your visit. During your visit, you can also use your tickets to learn more about the Renaissance period or ancient Roman history. 

A visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most relaxing and offbeat things that you can do in Rome, especially as it houses the picturesque Alexandrine garden as well. The ruins, along with the temples, theatre and libraries of Emperor Hadrian’s private refuge is the best experience if you are looking to get away from the bustling streets of Rome. 

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Highlights Of Hadrian's Villa

What is it and where is Hadrian's Villa

Also known as Villa Adriana, Hadrian's Villa is a country villa which was built for Emperor Hadrian at the foot of the Tiburtine Mountains in Tivoli. It served as the emperor’s private refuge and consisted of numerous halls, and other rooms, along with a Roman Alexandrine Garden, and a private artificial island called Teatro Marittimo. This villa, along with Villa Gregoriana and Villa d’Este are said to be the three Villas of Tivoli, and some of the most magnificent works of Renaissance architecture.

History and information on Hadrian's Villa

You can use your Hadrian's Villa tickets to learn about the Hadrian's Villa History of this country villa. It was built between 118 and 138 AD, and was the largest villa to be ever owned by a Roman emperor. Roman emperor Hadrian had commissioned the construction of this building, which would serve as his residence outside of Rome. He also asked for the reproduction and replica of the different monuments and places that had impressed him during his travels. 

Upon its completion, Hadrian's Villa became the largest villa in Imperial Rome, spread on an area of 120 hectares, and complete with thermal baths, pavilions, nymphaea, gardens as well as residential structures.

Why it became a UNESCO site

Hadrian's Villa is nothing less than an architectural masterpiece, which brings together some of the finest things of the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean world in a single place. It was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1999, owing to the different monuments within it and their role in the rediscovery of everything that made classical architecture so famous. The villa also became a UNESCO site because of the many elements of the Baroque and Renaissance eras found here.

What to see in Hadrian's Villa

When availing the Hadrian's Villa tickets, some of the main attractions that you can see here include the Pecile or the large portico which houses a garden with a long central pool, the Antinoeion, or the temple dedicated to young Antinous, as well as the Hall of the Philosophers. You can also see the Maritime Theatre here, which is surrounded by an artificial canal, as the Canopus of Hadrian's Villa, in addition to the thermal bath ruins, among other attractions.

Know Before You Book Hadrian's Villa tickets

Essential Information
How to reach


Hadrian's Villa is located at: Piazza Trento, 5, Tivoli, 00019, Italy


The opening hours of Hadrian's Villa are between 09:00 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. on all days of the week. 

Best Time to Visit

The best time of day to visit Hadrian's Villa is in the morning. The villa is located in a beautiful setting and the morning light makes it even more stunning. You can also avoid the crowds that often form in the afternoon.

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By Bus: You can take a bus from Rome and travel east, towards Tivoli, where the villa is located

By Metro: You can also avail a ride on the metro and get off at the Mammolo Metro Station, which is located a few short kilometres from Hadrian's Villa

By Train: You can also enjoy a ride on a train, on the Roma-Pescara train line in Rome 


What to do at Hadrian's Villa?

Marvel at the structure of the villa

One of the best things to do here is to marvel at the structure of Hadrian's Villa. The villa was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian, and was the largest and most luxurious villa of its time. The villa was designed as a retreat for the Emperor and his family. It was a self-contained city with its own baths, temples, libraries, and gardens. The villa was a symbol of the Emperor's power and wealth.

Admire the setting of the villa

Tucked at the base of the mountains in Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa was also known for its amazing setting. The villa was a retreat for Hadrian and his family. The villa was designed to be a self-sufficient city. The villa had its own water supply, food, and entertainment. The villa was also home to a library, temples, and gardens.

Spend some time looking at the replica statues

When availing the Hadrian's Villa tickets, you can also admire the replica statues here. These are statues similar to the famous Greek and Roman sculptures. They were made by the order of the emperor Hadrian, who loved art and wanted to have copies of famous statues in his own villa. The replicas are not exact copies, but they are very close. Some of the statues are of gods and goddesses, while others are of famous people from history. The replicas are made of marble and are very beautiful.

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Why is Hadrian's Villa important?

Hadrian's Villa is an important historical site because it is a well-preserved example of a Roman villa. The villa was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 120, and was used as a retreat from the busy city of Rome. The villa complex includes a number of buildings, gardens, and sculptures, which provide insight into the lifestyle of the Roman elite.

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What happened to Hadrian's Villa?

Hadrian's Villa was built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian in AD 120. It was the largest private dwelling of its time and was used as a retreat by the emperor and his family. The villa was abandoned after the fall of the Roman empire, and was also taken apart over many centuries. 

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Who lived in Hadrian's Villa?

In addition to Emperor Hadrian and his family, the villa was occasionally visited by his successors, including Antonius Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Lucius Verus, Septimius Severus as well as Caracalla. 

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Can we book Hadrian's Villa tickets online?

Yes, you can book the Hadrian's Villa tickets online. Availability of online tickets is also great since they help you avoid having to stand in long queues at the entry gates or ticket booths, whilst also saving you time and money. 


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