Beaches in Rome

Beaches In Rome, Italy

By visiting one of the numerous breathtaking Rome beaches, which are renowned for their golden sand and blue waters, you may escape the city's oppressive summer heat. Numerous beaches flank the Metetarian coast, most of which are easily reachable from Rome. Being able to go to a beach in Rome is enticing and pleasant, especially in a city with hot summers! Visit these beaches in Rome Italy, the Sperlonga, Fregene, and Lido di Ostia, which are renowned for both their natural beauty and their significant historical past. These beaches close to Rome provide an amazing getaway from the bustle of the city. Gather your loved ones for a picnic date on the beach where you may take advantage of the serene atmosphere. If you're looking for exciting watersports and adventurous activities, check out Terracina beach. It's the most popular beach in the Rome area for these activities and has the strongest currents. Rome beaches are a great place to unwind, tan, and have fun. History aficionados will especially enjoy Sperlonga Shore since just a short ways down the beach is the villa that formerly belonged to the infamous Emperor Tiberius.

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Best Beaches in Rome

Lido di Ostia Beach

Lido di Ostia, among the trendiest and most adored beaches in Rome, draws a lively crowd. Visitors can partake in various water activities and relish numerous beach clubs and bars. When it comes to dining, there is an abundance of options, and a bustling market scene offers opportunities to purchase souvenirs. Being just 30 minutes away from Rome, this beach is a favorite beach break for many locals.

Location - Ostia

Fregene Beach

Fregene Beach in Rome is renowned for being one of the cleanest beaches, especially favored by young Romans. Its pristine white sand, clear and gentle sea, and mesmerizing sunsets make it a beloved destination. At the renowned Singita Miracle Beach Club, a ceremonial gong marks the setting sun, creating a magical atmosphere. For the ultimate experience, it's best to visit in the late afternoon and stay until late at night to immerse yourself in the lively party ambiance. Soft couches are scattered across the beach, offering visitors the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset views.

Location - Fregene

Sperlonga Beach

Sperlonga Beach in Rome has earned the prestigious blue flag for its exceptional service standards and pristine water quality. History enthusiasts will be delighted to discover the nearby villa that once belonged to the notorious Emperor Tiberius, making Sperlonga Shore even more captivating. Considered one of the finest beaches in Rome, Italy, it has also been recognized by The Guardian as one of the top beaches in Europe.

Location - Sperlonga

Santa Severa Beach

Known for its immaculate white sand and enjoyable beach clubs, Santa Severa Beach is one of Rome's most stunning beaches located in Spiaggia del Castello. After leaving the castle, continue walking down the road until you reach Black Sand Beach, which has darker sand, a quieter atmosphere, and hardly any nearby restaurants or shops. If you merely want to rest on a comfy beach bed and tan, the beach clubs area is excellent.

Location - Lazio

Sabaudia Beach

The blue flag Sabaudia beach, which is situated at the base of Mount Circeo, is one of the popular beaches in Rome. The Sabaudi Lagoon and sand dunes surround the beach, which boasts fine golden sand and azure sea. Circeo National Park is near the shore and is easily accessible from the beach via boardwalks. This location's natural beauty has been preserved thanks in part to the park, affluent villas, and the extra effort required to get there.

Location - Province of Latin

Terracina Beach

Terracina Beach is home to a throng of resort beaches that are properly maintained and equipped. Due to its immaculate cleanliness, UNESCO awards it the "Blue Flag" every year. Although the beaches are lovely, you must keep a vigilant eye on kids because of the strong current. The area's warm, clear waters are a draw for adventurers and fans of water sports from around the globe. The Sanctuary of Jupiter, the Cathedral of St. Caesaria, and other important sites are located close to the beach and should all be visited.

Location - Province of Latin, Italy

Civitavecchia Beach

The biggest seaport nearest to Rome is Civitavecchia Beach, which consists of a collection of captivating but considerably smaller beaches over a 50-mile stretch of the coast. The beach is surrounded by enormous stones and a stunning pier that resembles an aqueduct. In order to help you relax and have a pleasant day at the beach, there are a few pubs along the shoreline that play music loudly. It is one of the best beaches in Rome where the water is pretty perfectly safe for a quick plunge.

Location - Civitavecchia

Santa Marinella Beach

Santa Marinella Beach is a tiny bay with clear water that is cold. There are a few restaurants along the beach where you may get something to eat. At the beach near the semi-private parts, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. Swimming among the groups of rocks close to the shore is the nicest part of going to the Santa Marinella beach.

Location - Via Aurelia 312A, 00058 Santa Marinella RM, Italy.

Anzio Beach

With its clear, pristine water and golden sand beaches, Anzio Beach in Rome is a stunning destination that has been given the "Blue Flag" designation. Enjoy the view of the boundless ocean as local restaurants provide freshly cooked seafood to beachgoers served by local fishermen who bring in fresh catch. Additionally, you can reserve a boat trip to the islands of Ponza, Palmarola, and Ventotene, allowing you to spend some time taking energizing nature strolls. At the beach, you can spend time gathering seashells or swimming.

Location - Lazio, Italy.


Which are the best beaches in Rome to visit at night?

  • Lido di Ostia Beach One of the trendiest and best beaches in Rome, Lido di Ostia attracts a buzzing throng. You may participate in a wide range of water activities here, as well as numerous beach clubs and bars.
  • Fregene Beach One of the cleanest beaches in Rome is Fregene Beach, which is quite popular among the young Romans and is known for its immaculate white sand, mild, clear sea, and breathtaking sunsets.
  • Sperlonga Beach One of the beaches in Rome Italy that has earned the blue flag for having extraordinarily high service standards and outstanding water quality is Sperlonga Beach. You can spend your time at the Sperlonga relaxing on the beach with the help of the many beach chairs, umbrellas, and spaces available.

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What is the best time to go to the Rome Beaches?

The best months to visit Rome beaches are May through August. Anyone vacationing in Rome would find it rather refreshing to visit the city's beautiful beaches during these warm months.

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Why is Lido di Ostia Beach so famous in Rome?

Lido di Ostia, is famous for its classic Italian beach vibes that attracts a buzzing throng of people, where they enjoy beer clubs, food and the sea shore.

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Is Rome Worth Visiting?

Yes, the magnificent city, which routinely ranks as one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe is totally worth a visit. Rome is home to ancient history, elaborate architecture, exquisite art, and even finer cuisine


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