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Rome has the most exciting attraction for all art lovers and connoisseurs. It is home to the Leonardo Da Vinci museum, which preserves all the artworks of the legendary artist, including the famous Mona Lisa! Leonardo Da Vinci Museum tickets allow visitors to witness the priceless creations of the artist by giving them access to its five halls, each of which houses a unique collection. Besides viewing his paintings, one of the top things to do in Leonardo da Vinci Museum is to check out the realistic reproductions of his flying machines and war machines.

In the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum sections, you may also see all of his works on perspectives and principles, as well as learn about many of his concepts that are used even today, such as working of a sewing machine. Another wonderful attraction of the museum is the Room of Mirrors which explains how Leonardo da Vinci's study of light led to the discovery of projection and photography. There is also a charming souvenir shop where you may purchase unique mementos for yourself, family, and friends.

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Why visit the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome?

Why visit the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum in Rome?
  • View some of Leonardo da Vinci's best and most innovative works, including his paintings, flying, and war machines.
  • Enjoy the sensory experience provided by the museum by interacting with the wooden displays located throughout the centre.
  • Admire the innovative ideas that Leonardo da Vinci developed during his lifetime and that is still being used today, such as bicycles, sewing machines, and photography.
  • Get an audio tour and learn more about each of Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces as you walk through them at your own leisure.
  • Among the most popular things to do in Leonardo da Vinci museum is exploring the Room of Mirrors and discovering interesting facts about the invention of photography.
  • Purchase some delectable goodies from the Leonardo da Vinci Museum souvenir shop as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

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Things to see Inside Leonardo Da Vinci Museum Rome

 Life-size machines of Da Vinci’s Inventions
Life-size machines of Da Vinci’s Inventions

Besides being a renowned painter, Leonardo Da Vinci was a marvellous engineer who created a number of fascinating machines. Life-size replicas of Vinci's machines have been made and shown in the museum based on his artworks, records, and sketches. Each machine is accompanied by a multimedia screen that demonstrates how the innovations functioned and gives insight into the artist's engineering process. Interestingly, the machine replicas are totally made of wood and make the least use of advanced technology.

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Flying Machines & War Machines
Flying Machines & War Machines

Leonardo da Vinci was attracted by the concept of aviation and even built a flying machine to realise his vision. With Leonardo da Vinci Museum tickets, you can actually view close reproductions of his original flying machine and learn about the process by which he created it. In another exhibition area of the museum, you may check out da Vinci’s machines built for war purposes such as cannons, guns, and catapults. On your visit to the museum, you can even touch and operate most of the war models.

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Music, Optics & the Room of Mirrors
Music, Optics & the Room of Mirrors

Leonardo da Vinci, the great Renaissance artist, was also fascinated by music compositions and the study of light. In fact, he designed some musical instruments, such as flutes. As a keen observer of light, he also developed intriguing models and hypotheses that led to the development of modern photography and projectors. Leonardo da Vinci Museum tickets allow you to view all of his fascinating theories and innovations, most of which are still relevant.

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Reproduction of his masterpieces
Reproduction of his masterpieces

Another popular attraction included in Leonardo da Vinci Museum tickets is a tour of the Gallery of Paintings which displays life-size detailed replicas of 23 of da Vinci’s paintings. Some of the most iconic works presented here are Mona Lisa, the Last Supper, Virgin of the Rocks, and Ecce Homo. These paintings are highly accurate replicas of the originals, created from the same materials used by Renaissance artists five centuries ago.

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Sections Of The Museum

Sections Of The Museum
  • The first of the five Leonardo da Vinci museum sections are mechanisms that showcase da Vinci’s principles on various mechanisms like a flywheel, pallbearer, motion transformation, looking system, and so on.

  • The second section is Earth where visitors can enjoy playing with interactive machines like printing machines, the oil press, the rolling mill, the revolving crane, and the fantastic animal.

  • Water is the third section of the museum, where visitors can view all sorts of Da Vinci’s machines inspired by water. These include the hydraulic saw, the water floats, the Archimedean screw, and the webbed glove.

  • Since Leonardo da Vinci was passionate about aviation, a whole section of the museum is dedicated to air. Here, visitors can view da Vinci’s parachute anemometer, hygrometer, wing trial, ornithopter, and comedy bird.

  • The last section is Fire which presents da Vinci’s war machines and weapons like machine guns and the armoured tank.

Know Before You Go:

How to reach
Location & Timings
Best time to Visit
 How to reach

By Metro: Get on Line A from the Termini Station and travel in the direction of Battistini. Alight at Ottaviano station and walk towards the museum which is 1 km away.

By Bus: To visit Leonardo Da Vinci Museum, take buses with numbers 23, 280, 62, 4, or 982 and get off at Traspontina/Conciliazione station.

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  • To avoid long queues and gain priority entry to the museum, purchase your Leonardo da Vinci tickets online in advance. Online booking will also help you save money as many enticing deals and discounts are available.
  • Get an audio guide to help you make the most of your visit to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum and learn intriguing facts about the artist and his works. To use these audio guides, bring your own earphones.
  • Keep your phones on mute to fully appreciate the sensory museum experience.
  • It is advisable that you bring a backpack to the museum so that you may easily store booklets, souvenirs, and other stuff while exploring the exhibits.

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Where is the Leonardo Da Vinci Museum located?

    Leonardo da Vinci Museum is located in Rome at Piazza del Popolo, 12, in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo basement.

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