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Colosseum Guided Tour Overview

Book a Colosseum guided tour, and enjoy an amazing hassle-free exploration of the former Flavian Amphitheatre. Head inside this iconic Roman monument and landmark, and walk along the paths where the gladiators had once walked. Indulge in guided tours Colosseum with experts and gain insights into the history of this amphitheatre, which goes all the way back to 2000 years in time. Known for its sheer magnificence and impeccable beauty, a guided tour of the Colosseum will also take you on a journey to the Roman era, when this landmark used to serve as a place where animal and gladiator battles were fought, public executions were held and numerous other events used to take place.As you book your Colosseum guided tour, you can also learn a lot about the architecture of the Colosseum, which is the largest standing amphitheatre in the whole world, even today. Besides exploring the amphitheatre, you can also enjoy access to the more restricted areas here, such as the Arena and the Underground. Furthermore, these guided tours also take you on a visit to nearby attractions such as the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum, for an all-round amazing experience in Rome.

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Colosseum Guided Tours

Colosseum by Night with Underground and Arena Floor Tour Rome

Witness the beauty of the old Flavian Amphitheatre during a Colosseum guided tour. Enjoy learning about the history, architecture and other facts of this landmark from your guide, as you soak in views of the Colosseum lit up with twinkling lights, with the moonlight making it more ethereal. During the tour, you can also enjoy exclusive access to the restricted areas of the Colosseum, such as the Arena Floor and the Underground. You can also see the areas where the animals and gladiators were kept before their fights in the bygone eras.

Colosseum and Roman Forum VIP Guided Tour, Rome

Enjoy a VIP tour of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum during this guided exploration experience in Rome. Get skip-the-line and a hassle-free entry to these major Roman attractions and follow your private guide, as he takes you on a journey through the hidden lanes and alleyways of the Colosseum. Then head to the Roman Forum, where you can learn about the age-old history of the city. Walk along the Sacred Road while taking pictures of your tour as memories.

Rome Day Tour to Colosseum Tour, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill

Set out on an adventurous journey in Rome, as you spend the day exploring attractions like the Colosseum, the Roman Forum as well as the Palatine Hill, for the ultimate travel experience. Check out areas like the Via Sacra which link these landmarks, and get a chance to be transported back to the mediaeval times as you learn about the different trivia about the Colosseum and its nearby monuments during the guided tours Colosseum. Don’t forget to enjoy the views of the Circus Maximus and the Colosseum when you climb the Palatine Hill.

Colosseum and Ancient Rome Family Tour for Kids

When travelling with your family and little kids, you must avail a family tour of Rome, which will take you to attractions like the Colosseum as well as the Roman Forum. You can also enjoy a quick and easy access to these landmarks, and listen to the many tales of Roman history from your guide during this tour. This tour also includes a variety of other activities, from treasure hunts to games, which the little ones are sure to enjoy a lot.

Colosseum & Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video

Enjoy one of the best guided tours of the Colosseum in Rome, and get a chance to explore the other nearby attractions here, such as the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill. Learn about the architecture and history of the Colosseum and gain insights as to why it is one of the most spectacular amphitheatres in the world even today. Watch a multimedia video on Roman history, and check out a video introduction on the Colosseum during this unique tour.

Colosseum Escorted Entrance Ticket with Arena Access Rome

Book this guided tour of the Colosseum and enjoy a direct access to this amphitheatre as well as its restricted Arena floor. Explore the hidden lanes under the Arena, or see how elevators were made in ancient times during this tour, as you witness the architectural marvel that this landmark is. For an even better experience, you can also visit other nearby landmarks of Rome, such as the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

Colosseum Arena Floor, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Tour, Rome

Indulge in this Colosseum guided tour, and follow your tour guide as they take you a memorable visit to the Colosseum. Learn new facts and trivia about this erstwhile amphitheatre, including how and why it was made, its design and other things, before heading to the Arena floor here, which is rather restricted. After the tour of the Colosseum, you can also enjoy visiting the Roman Forum, and paying a visit to the Palatine Hill, from where you can soak in panoramic views of the surrounding landmarks and attractions.

Semi-Private Colosseum Tour with Special Access, Rome

During this guided tour, you can enjoy a semi-private tour of the largest amphitheatre in the world. You can enjoy walking through the Colosseum just like the gladiators did in the past, whilst also discovering areas like the rear floor and age-old elevator shafts here. You can also gain special access to the backstage of the Colosseum, where the gladiators used to train before their fights. After touring the Colosseum, you will also be taken to explore the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

What to Expect from your Colosseum Guided Tour?

  • During a Colosseum guided tour, you will first meet your guide, who will accompany you during the entire tour, making sure that you do not have to wait in the long entry queues at any of the attractions. Then, upon entering the Colosseum, you can first soak in the spectacular 360-degree views of what is the largest amphitheatre in the whole world. You will also walk across the Arena floor here, whilst learning about the history, design and construction of the Colosseum.

  • According to your choice of tour, you will also be able to access the more restricted areas of the Colosseum, including the Underground. This is where the gladiators used to wait before their big fights, and where the animals were kept before battles. Additionally, during the guided tour, you can also get a chance to discover the workings of the Colosseum, including its unique features such as the underground elevator shafts, the backstage of the Colosseum and more.

  • To make your visit even better, these guided tours also take you to the Belvedere, or the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Colosseum, which offer scintillating bird’s eye views of the entire Arena. Some of the guided tours Colosseum also include visits to other nearby attractions in Rome, including the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, for an even better and worthwhile experience.


Is the Colosseum Guided Tour worth it?

Yes, a Colosseum guided tour is definitely worth the experience. In addition to letting you explore the entire amphitheatre with a guide, these tours also offer you a chance to explore the more restricted areas of the landmark, such as the Arena, the Underground, the Backstage as well as the Belvedere. Furthermore, you can also skip the long entry lines when you avail these guide tours, thereby saving some time during your visit.

Which is the best Colosseum guided tour?

The best Colosseum guided tour is the day tour of Rome, which takes you to explore not just the Colosseum and its different areas, but also other Roman monuments, including the Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum.

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How long does it take to complete a Colosseum tour?

It takes anywhere between 90 minutes or one and a half hours to up to 4 to 5 hours to complete a Colosseum tour. The time totally depends upon the type of tour you book for yourself.

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What are the Colosseum opening hours?

The opening hours of the Colosseum are between 10:30 a.m. to 07:15 p.m. all through the week.

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Should you book a Colosseum Guided Tour in advance?

Yes, it is always better to book the Colosseum guided tour in advance. The Colosseum is undoubtedly the best ancient landmark in the city of Rome, and attracts thousands of visitors on a daily basis. Pre-booking your guided tour will ensure that your tour is secured, while also letting you enjoy some deals and discounts.

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