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Trajan's Market Rome Italy was a large market complex located in the city, and was built by the Roman emperor Trajan in the Roman Forum. It was completed in the year 112 AD. The complex consisted of a series of covered halls and courtyards, which were connected by a series of staircases and ramps, thereby being an ancient form of a modern-day multi storey shopping mall. The Trajan's Market Rome was also home to several residential spaces and government offices. 

The market was also a major hub of all the major activity in Rome, especially owing to its location within the Roman Forum. The market sold a variety of goods, including food, livestock, and manufactured goods. The Trajan's Market Rome Italy was built on the site of an earlier market complex that had been destroyed by fire. The new complex was constructed using a combination of brick, concrete, and stone. It was designed to be fireproof and to allow for easy movement of goods and people. 

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History Of Trajan's Market

The history of Trajan's Market Rome goes back to almost two thousand years ago. It started around 107 to 110 AD, when the Roman Emperor Trajan commissioned the design and construction of this market to architect Apollodorus of Damascus. The construction was completed sometime around 112 AD. It was the largest of its kind in the ancient world and remained in use until the Middle Ages. Today, the ruins of the market are a popular tourist attraction. The market was built as part of Trajan's Forum, which was the Emperor's vision for a grand public space that would be the center of Roman life. 

The market was located in the center of the forum, with a two-story colonnade surrounding it. The ground floor of the market was devoted to shops, while the upper floor was home to offices. The market was a bustling place, full of people buying and selling goods. It was a self-contained city, with everything a person could need, including food, drink, and entertainment. The market was also home to a library, which made it a popular destination for scholars and students. A militia tower called Torre delle Milizie was constructed on the site of the market in 1200. However, in the year 1349, a powerful earthquake damaged the structure of the Trajan's Market Rome Italy, eventually destroying it altogether. The Convent of Santa Caterina da Sien was built on the site in 1574, and was eventually demolished in the early 20th century. The restoration work on the market complex was undertaken between the years 1926 and 1934, and the Museum of the Imperial Fora, located within the market premises, was opened to the public in 2007. 

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Plan Your Visit to Trajan's Market

How to Reach

A Bus: You can avail a bus ride to get to Trajan's Market in Rome. Some of the buses that ply to this attraction include bus numbers H, 30, 63, 70, 80, 83, 85, 118, 160 and 170. You can get off at the Plebiscito or Ara Coeli/Piazza Venezia bus stops, which are located closest to the market

A Tram: You can also enjoy a tram ride if you wish to visit the Trajan's Market, and get off at the Venezia tram stop, which is located a short walk from this iconic attraction in Rome

A Metro: Both Lines A and B of the Metro in Rome operate to the Barberini Metro Station, which is located in close proximity to the Trajan’s Column

A Train: If you wish to come to the market via a train ride, you can get on the FL5, R or RV trains to get off neat Venezia or Barberini, from where you can walk to the market

A Car: You can also come to Trajan's Market by hiring a car or driving your own vehicle from different parts of Rome

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  • Visit the Trajan's Market Rome Italy, and enjoy exploring what is said to be the first ever shopping mall in history.
  • Get a chance to witness one of the few rare examples of an age-old Roman high-rise building within the premises of the Trajan's Market.
  • Wander around in the market complex, and gain insights into its history, when it was the hotspot of activities, and consisted of 150 shops and establishments.
  • Pay a visit to the five imperial forums at the Imperial Forum Museum which is located here.

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What happened to Trajan's Market?

The Trajan's Market Rome is a large complex of ruins located in Rome, Italy. The complex was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Trajan and was completed in the year 112 AD. The complex was designed as a series of markets, shops, and offices, all of which were built around a central courtyard. The complex was one of the largest of its kind in the Roman Empire and served as a model for future market complexes. The complex was destroyed by an earthquake in the 14th century, with its restoration work beginning several centuries later in the 1900s. 

Why was Trajan's Market important?

Trajan's Market Rome Italy was important because it was the first time that a large-scale shopping complex had been built in the whole world. This made the market complex the first ever shopping mall ever built. This complex included a series of shops, offices, and apartments that were all interconnected. This allowed for a more efficient use of space and made it easier for people to get around. 

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What is Trajan's Market used for today?

As of today, in addition to being an archaeological complex, the Trajan's Market is also the home of the Museum of Imperial Fora of Rome. 

When did Trajan's reign end?

Emperor Trajan’s reign in Rome began in 98 AD, and he ruled Rome until his death in 117 AD. 

Who built Trajan's Market?

Trajan's Market was built under the commission of Emperor Trajan by architect Apollodorus of Damascus. 

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What did Trajan's Market look like?

In the bygone eras, Trajan's Market was a magnificent shopping complex. The market was built as part of Trajan's Forum, which was the largest forum ever built in the Roman Empire. The market was likely used as a place for the sale of goods and storage as well as the distribution of goods.

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What was Trajan's most important building project in Rome?

The most important building project of Emperor Trajan in Rome was the Forum of Trajan. It was his final, and the largest building project he ever made. 

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